Easter blessings

We are all on the threshold of one of the most recognized Christian celebrations of the year. For some people, Easter is just a long weekend. Schools, on the other hand, generally plan a week-long break for children. For others, the observance of Easter spans several weeks with specific parts that include Lent, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Pentecost. Devout […]

Use magic spells for your lower abs workout

In this article, I’m going to reveal some ‘magic’ spells on your lower abs workout that might make the likes of Harry Potter and his friends seem like the ‘three stooges’ in comparison. However, as any magician will tell you, good magic is creating an illusion. 1. The “Sit at your desk” spell If you are an office assistant and […]

My mother!

My mother is … My strength when I am weak My voice when I can’t speak My eyes when i can’t see And it takes me when I can’t walk My finances when I don’t have any Many people have left my life But my mother has always been there To count through thick and thin Take my troubles when […]

Mistakes to avoid when choosing Christmas gifts for children

Don’t worry when choosing Christmas gifts for kids You’ll be stressed enough on the big day, so relax and avoid these common mistakes. I am a parent myself, so I know we make the idea of ​​choosing gifts for kids too complicated. There will be enough, how much we spend. These are just a few of the mistakes we made […]

Palm kernel oil: a good home remedy for children’s ailments

From the recent trend of medicinal research, which has to do with plants and their extract, and the results obtained and published so far, it can be said that nature (God of creation) has given man everything he needs. Palm kernel oil, for example, is used in African (Nigerian) medicine to treat a number of ailments that affect babies, such […]

3 super delicious strawberry desserts for kids to try at home

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, one just can’t resist a sweet treat. Children have a natural sweet tooth, but too much sugar and empty calories are not ideal. So if you’re making them a snack or dessert, be sure to serve something healthier. Strawberries are an excellent option to incorporate into children’s desserts, as they are delicious and […]

Candied Yams Recipe: Classic Garnish Still Growing Strong

This famous side dish is known by many names, candied yam, sweet yam, or simply as sweet potato recipes, this popular side dish continues to stand the test of time. A favorite southern side dish for decades, this innocent veggie continues to reign during the holidays. Along with the filling, mashed potatoes, and sauce, candied yams are among the favorites […]

Easter Crafts: Have Fun During Easter

Spring is coming, it’s time to think about eggs, bunnies, flowers, and chicken salad. It’s about Easter, of course. One of my family’s favorite traditions is Easter crafts. After all, what kids don’t like to paint, decorate, hide, and then eat Easter eggs? My youngest daughter, who doesn’t like to eat eggs, still likes Easter eggs. Of course, it does […]

Jack Canfield Biography, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Jack Canfield was born on August 19, 1944. Jack is a motivational speaker and author. He is a supporter of “The Secret” and also appeared in the film. Live and practice LOA in your daily life. Enjoy many hobbies like; tennis, travel, skiing, jogging, billiards, reading, and playing the guitar. Mr. Canfield completed high school in 1962 from the Linsly […]