Used Bucket Trucks and the New DOT Safety Rules!

For businesses purchasing used bucket trucks for their aviation needs, it is imperative to keep up with new Department of Transportation (DOT) safety rules. Fleet owners, as well as individual drivers, need to be well informed about safety rules in order to comply with regulations issued by the government agency charged with enforcing safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration […]

How to wholesale an apartment building

It sounds totally impossible, to take a large apartment building and award the contract for tens of thousands. Can you really do that, and if you can, how is it done? Well the answer is yes, you can flip an apartment building. People no smarter than you are doing it across the country every month, maybe every day. The way […]

How to make money like a real estate bird dog

There are many ways to earn money with Real Estate. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to make money in this business is to become a real estate bird dog. Stop before you run out the door! You will still have to work on it. However, many of us believe that it is much easier with fewer headaches […]

Go big with your wholesale business strategy [Franchising]

Are you thinking big enough with your wholesale business strategy? Real estate investors are constantly told to “think big.” For some, simply making the leap into real estate investing and taking home their first $20,000 paycheck is bigger than they ever dreamed. But is it really monumentally big? Are you really using your full potential? What are your current goals […]

Mortgage planner vs. loan officer

If you’re looking for a new home on the market, chances are you’re also looking for a mortgage. That means you’ll need to have someone help you create and then apply for the perfect mortgage. There are many different options when applying for your mortgage, from interest-only mortgages to ARMs and fixed-rate mortgages, so choose this professional carefully. You may […]

Three reasons why loan applications are denied

Most people only seek a loan when they are in dire need of funds. These funds can be used for emergencies, a new car, and even home repairs. Whatever the reason a person needs a loan, it can be disappointing when they turn it down. Thanks to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, lenders are required to disclose their reasons for […]

Investment Property in Barbados – Property in Barbados offers a great return on investment

Why invest in property in Barbados? The Caribbean is well known for its beautiful weather all year round and there are regular flights from the UK, USA and Canada providing easy access to the Caribbean. Barbados has a world-class international airport and is the hub for many of the other Caribbean islands. As a popular holiday destination, Barbados Investment Properties […]