Dachshunds as pets

The dachshund or weiner dog, as they are fondly known in one of the most distinctive looking dog breeds available. This smart and lively short-legged dog knows how to win the hearts of people everywhere. The name Dachshund is literally translated from German to mean badger dog. This is because the breed is known for its use to exterminate badgers […]

Caring for a pregnant Akita

Caring for an Akita dog during pregnancy is basically common sense. She must be watched closely and made as comfortable and happy as possible. You need to make sure you have a dry litter, plenty of clean drinking water, and good quality regular food. For the first five weeks he will probably behave quite normally. She can have her days […]

Difference between animal sanctuaries and animal shelter

Animal shelters and wildlife sanctuaries are often confused. Although many sanctuaries have the characteristics of animal shelters, they are not the same. Shelters have a more temporary and more intrusive purpose, while sanctuaries are more permanent and less intrusive. Animal shelters are designed to temporarily house stray, homeless, or abandoned animals. An example of a shelter is a “kennel”. Shelters […]

The difference between buying and adopting a dog

If you are considering adding a new pet to your family, have you considered visiting your local shelter or pet adoption agency? There are many reasons these locations should be considered before making a pet “purchase.” Here are a few reasons among many. Before you go to your mall’s pet store, take a minute to think about adoption. The most […]

Cats, people, and the black plague: who kept the survived cats

In the long history of human-animal relationships, some episodes stand out in which one species has contributed significantly to the survival of another. Cats rarely get credit for such an achievement, more often dogs or horses, and then usually in wartime, but the Black Death of Europe is one of those times. By way of background, the ancient Romans, in […]

How to Create a Pug Dog Picture Album

There is nothing in the canine world as cute as the puglet or the puppy of a pug dog. If you are starting a pug dog picture photo album, you will definitely want to start with a picture of when your dog is in its first few months of life. Any moment you capture, even in a still photo, will […]

Six tips for a flea- and tick-free dog and home

If you live in a hot, humid region of the country, your dog is more likely to experience flea and tick infestations than if he lives in a colder, drier climate. Once you see a flea on your dog, prepare to see hundreds in a week. In some serious infestations, you may also see the products of their reproductive cycles […]

Candles: who are they and how are they recognized?

Bougies is simply a slang name for the bourgeoisie, the French word for middle class. However, the word has taken on a more different meaning, similar to that of yuppies and bobos (bohemian bourgeoisie) of previous decades. Bougies are not simply middle class, they are trendy, exclusive and some would say smug or pretentious in their habits. There is no […]

Wild cats: what to do if they live near you

Chances are, if you live in a rural or even suburban setting, you live near feral cats – skittish and rough feral cats that may appear to need human help, only to flee when approached. These cats are not tame and are by no means willing to be a house cat and are perfectly capable of living outdoors on their […]

Silky Terrier Coat – Breaking Through Many Colors

Silky Terriers have soft human-like hair called fur. Their coats change in both color and length as they grow from puppies to adults. The cubs are born black and tan. As they age, their color changes, also known as breakage. The break is visible through the black and tan colors at the root of the hair, which begins to transform […]