How Massachusetts General Law 93A Affects Online Businesses

Massachusetts General Law 93A, entitled Regulation of Business Practices for the Protection of Consumers, is designed to protect those consumers who would not otherwise know their legal rights. Dough. Gen. Law 93A. As originally drafted, 93A did not create a private right to sue, an issue that was quickly addressed by the legislature, and now both consumers and businesses can […]

Reasons Lenders Work With Payday Loan Consolidation Companies

If you are one of the millions of Americans drowning in payday loan debt, you’ve probably already considered seeking help from a consolidation company. You’ve done all the work you had to do to take advantage of your payday lenders – you’ve done your research online to find a good, reliable company, completed all the paperwork, and finally you’re ready […]

Gun Violence in the US

Gun violence or gun violence is committing violence with the use of a firearm. Studies have found a positive connection between suicide, homicide, and gun ownership. Among developed countries, the US has the highest number by capital of firearm-related deaths. It also has the highest number of people who own guns. Laws and policies have been established to regulate the […]

Employment Lawyer, Toronto on – Why You Should Hire One

Employment Lawyer, Toronto The last time I heard about a law firm in Toronto that specialized in Employment Law, I couldn’t help but ask what they did. It was the lawyer from the employment lawyer toronto┬áthat had won a major case for an African Canadian employee of McDonald’s Canada. That particular lawyer won his case because the Employment Practices Act […]

Career groups, a bridge between education and career planning

Since the 1960s, the career pool resources have been used as career exploration and planning tools in schools, learning communities, and organizations across the country. Career Clusters is a system that combines educational and career planning. Step 1: Identification of the areas of interest of the career group Career groups are groups of similar occupations and industries. When teachers, counselors, […]

How to choose an LSAT class

GENERAL When choosing an LSAT course, rather than trying to determine which test prep course is the “best,” you should be concerned with the course that best meets your needs. Determine what is important to you: Lots of practice material with explanations and computer grading? Many hours of class? Small classes with personalized attention? Easy to learn material? Once you’ve […]

Six Signs You Have a Good Lawyer!

There are thousands of attorneys in California who appear to have similar education, bachelor’s degrees, and specializations, yet the experience that different clients have with their attorneys are very different from each other. So how do you know that your attorney is the one to provide you with quality legal representation? 1. Your attorney is not overly confident in the […]

Race, ethnicity, and participation in leisure activities

In “Gender and Leisure” by Susan Shaw and “Ethnicity, Race, and Leisure” by James H. Gramann and Maria T. Allison, the authors describe the main ways in which race, ethnicity and gender influence access and participation in recreation and leisure. . While gender distinctions are quite clear when examining differences between men and women, despite the emergence of a transgender […]