Red, white and blue stone

Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago, the United States of America declared its independence. Interestingly, one of the largest battles of the American Revolution, the Battle of Brooklyn, took place at a historic site now known as the Old Stone House. Given the stone’s reputation for strength and solidity, it is not surprising that a structure made from this incredible […]

A mark of distinction: custom cabinets and cabinets

Custom cabinets are a mark of distinction in a home and give you the most direct way to get what you want. The remodel provides the opportunity to make creative use of storage space and improve the livability of interior areas. Kitchens are often the rooms that get the most benefit from remodeling, providing time-saving amenities and improving access to […]

Why You Should Consider Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

From a fully functional perspective, one kitchen cabinet is just as good as another. Assuming the cabinet is well made and can hold the items you would like to put inside it, there really is no reason to prefer one version over the other with regard to utility. So why should you consider replacing your existing cabinets with contemporary and […]

Why quartz countertops are greener than granite

Quartz countertops have overtaken granite as the most popular kitchen countertop. According to House Logic, an online consumer publication from the National Association of Realtors┬«, quartz outperformed granite in 2014 after being tied in 2013. Offering many benefits as a work surface, quartz countertops are among the more environmentally friendly materials to use. Producing quartz countertops is a greener process […]

Would you like to get the most out of your kitchen tiles?

Kitchens have come to mean much more than a few decades ago. Back then it used to be a place meant to cook alone. Compared to the traditional closed kitchen, an open-plan kitchen serves both cooking and social purposes. Large enough to double as a dining and gathering place, kitchen extensions today require attractive tiles and other decorative items such […]

Things to Consider When Buying French Door Hardware

A French door is also called a French window; This is because the length of the door is equipped with multiple windows. They are placed on a set of rollers that allows the door to slide in and out. French windows are traditionally made by putting together a small part of the glass. They are also called the “true split […]

Large-format porcelain tiles elevate luxurious interior settings

Aim for the simple effect that often results in a powerful aesthetic! Domino’s porcelain tile collection achieves minimal effects with black and white tones and matte and gloss finishes. The shapes and sizes guarantee a great decoration. Large-format porcelain tiles simplify life with several benefits, such as easier cleaning with less grout. White Domino Porcelain Moist spaces, like bathrooms, would […]

L-shaped kitchen designs

Today’s home decorating and design ideas have definitely pushed the limits of what can be possible. Some of today’s modern designs were probably not easy to achieve during earlier times. One of the designs that have been popular today is the L-shaped kitchen designs. For most people, they want to have a kitchen design that is pleasing to the eye […]

Design trends for kitchen cabinets

Different shades of kitchen cabinets come and go in style over the years. A popular color can last five to ten years and then go out of style for the next decade. A kitchen, like other rooms in a home, has its own feel and attitude. You want your kitchen to be warm and inviting, but at the same time […]

Three Home Renovation Projects to Increase Property Value

At some point, the owner will consider updating their property with a renovation or landscaping project. These projects will not only increase the appearance and curb appeal, but can also provide more comfort and functionality. In addition, they can be an excellent investment when putting the house on the market. Some projects are more desirable for a higher return on […]