The new employment rules

For centuries, people earned names that described what they did for work: baker, butcher, bricklayer, carpenter. They probably chose a career, kept it for their entire lives, and worked until they couldn’t. A generation ago, parents; and grandparents, for that matter; went to work for a company and probably stayed with the company for life. Jumping looked bad on a […]

Buying a car rental: Welcome home, a car full of memories

You do not have to leave your car or the memories attributed to it. It’s hard to forget the things that have touched your heart. The memories you created while driving your car will remain in your heart forever. But what if you have to give the car away after the lease period is over? Don’t be discouraged because you […]

Benefits of ethnic marketing: growth, untapped market segments and amplification: higher profitability

The face of Canada has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. So has ethnic marketing. Statistics Canada reports that more than 200 ethnicities are now represented in this country. Immigration accounts for more than 50% of our population growth and is very likely to double by 2025. Entrepreneurs should launch the product and service to ethnic markets, if not, […]

Characteristics of depreciation, basic factors for determining depreciation

Depreciation characteristics Depreciation has the following characteristics: (1) Depreciation is charged only for fixed assets, for example buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, etc. There is no question of depreciation in the case of current assets, such as shares, debtors, invoices receivable, etc. (2) Depreciation causes a perpetual, gradual and continuous fall in the value of the asset. (3) Depreciation occurs […]

Men and Medicare: What You Need to Know

In the next year, more than 1.6 million American men will turn 65. Discounts await you at restaurants, cinemas and hardware stores. They also await new options regarding health care coverage that their parents and grandparents never had the luxury of considering. For generations past, turning 65 meant getting health care coverage through Medicare, and the only real decisions were […]

Forces that move stock prices

Among the most important forces affecting stock prices are inflation, interest rates, bonds, commodities, and currencies. Sometimes the stock market reverses suddenly, typically followed by posted explanations worded to suggest that the writer’s keen observation enabled him to predict the market’s turn. Such circumstances leave investors somewhat in awe and awe at the infinite amount of ongoing factual information and […]

Has your organization reached a standstill?

Your organization cannot change in the face of the forces and threats of the business environment? Are you battling overly complex systems that frustrate and undermine your attempts to create positive change? Is your organization focused on activity rather than results? Is vital business information leaked, altered, or stopped as it moves up and down the organizational structure? Do you […]

How to lose 10 pounds in 1 week: 3 sagging myths you should know

People are getting fat. The fact is, between 1988 and 2009, waist circumference has continued to increase according to a recent obesity analysis. The Atlanta Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has found that an average woman’s waist today is about the same size as a man’s waist 15 years ago. Here are some myths about weight loss […]

My idea is already patented, what to do now?

When an idea is discovered, many dreams and hopes of creating innovative products and successful businesses are also born. As an inventor, he believes that he achieved something great and his idea will help solve many problems in daily life. But what if you discover that the idea is already patented? It feels like you are hit by a brick […]

Top 10 reasons why I need to upgrade my computer

The speed at which technology is improving is very fast, and as you become comfortable with the computer hardware you have purchased, several new and improved models appear on the market. While some people prefer to keep their computers up to date, most of us have an ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude when it comes to upgrading […]