For many years (in recent memory), the United States of America, which takes pride, supposedly, on constitutional guarantees and promises of various rights and privileges, including the enjoyment of a free and fair voting system, has experienced, One of the lowest in votes! It seems that many believe that their vote does not count and / or does something different, and / or all individuals running for public office are, the same! This should not surprise us, since, on two occasions, in the 21st century, an individual was elected, with fewer popular votes, due to the peculiarities of the Electoral College, etc! In the most recent presidential elections, we continue to see a former president who claims that he won the election, despite apparently losing the popular vote, by more than 7 million votes, and the electoral vote, by a significant number of votes. amount / margin! So it should come as no surprise, many feel that our American political system is failing. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, 5 reasons, for this point of view, etc.

1. Nothing seems to be done: When Congress cannot even pass legislation, creating a bipartisan panel, to review the events of January 6, we must ask ourselves if anything can be accomplished! We, witnesses, political pettiness and adherence to some personal / political agenda, and / or self-interest, when the priority should be, serve and represent, the best interests of the voters! Instead of common sense, consistency, and a well-considered strategic action plan, we are witnessing procrastination, hypocrisy, and a refusal to do what is needed in a timely manner.

2. Lack of well considered strategic planning, etc. When was the last time someone, remember, articulated a truly well-considered, realistic, comprehensive strategic plan that takes into account both immediate and future needs? Wouldn’t it make sense to implement plans that were both relevant and sustainable? Urgent issues and true priorities, based on addressing and overcoming obstacles and needs, do not disappear because of denials, but out of necessity, timely planning, well thought out, with an open mind.

3. Small attempt to meet the minds: Isn’t it a shame that the concept of any bipartisan meeting of minds seems like an oxymoron? The level of polarization, incidents / number of hate crimes, etc., seems to be dangerous for the well-being of our nation, the world and society, etc.

Four. More false statements, than reality / truth: When lies and misstatements seem to outnumber reality / truth, it achieves very little consequence! Unfortunately, a significant minority, of the citizens of this nation, believe, some of the many, conspiracy theories, etc.

5. Unhealthy influence of dollars on American politics: Often, it seems that one of the first things you do after you’re elected is fundraising for the next campaign to begin with. Political Action Committees (known as PACs) wield too much power and influence. Some examples include the power of the gun lobby and the pharmaceutical industries, etc., in terms of influence and avoidance of urgent problems. How many more must die before we treat guns the same way we treat other items in terms of licensing, regulation, and safety? Does anyone need an assault weapon and if they should, other weapons, no restrictions / regulations?

Wake up America and make this political system work better / more correctly, instead of keeping the same old, same old faulty ways! Will you demand something better?

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