Clear and Present Danger: Running Outdoors with Headphones

(Not the movie starring Harrison Ford as CIA agent Jack Ryan) Safety Headphones 2Running with headphones on results in reduced awareness of your physical surroundings. If you’re running on the treadmill, tap the playlist. When you’re outdoors, being less than fully aware of your physical surroundings compromises your personal safety. Like it or not, all runners (especially women) must run […]

The L-1 Visa: Transfer of Employees to the United States

The L-1 visa represents an excellent opportunity for companies to bring or send high-level employees to the US from a foreign branch or affiliate. This article describes the specifications and comparative advantages of the visa. 1. Ratings. To qualify, a foreign employee must be managerial, professional, or technically qualified. Within the last three years, the employee must also have one […]

Florida Workers’ Compensation: Information You Need to Know

Each state sets its own requirements for workers’ compensation insurance policies and coverage. That’s why it’s so important to take a closer look at what your state may require and make sure you comply with all the latest regulations. Here, we’ll provide an overview of Florida’s workers’ compensation requirements and how they break down their mandates. The state of Florida […]

Selling your house in difficult times

Why is my house not selling? The question plaguing many homeowners across the country right now. You may already have the answer and you may not know it or just don’t want to believe it. The housing boom that has now led to the housing crisis is leaving people wondering what to do and where to look for answers. The […]

Bowflex Revolution Comparison – A Comparison of the Revolution FT and XP

Bowflex Revolution is one of the most popular models in the Nautilus line. One of the problems potential buyers face is “which Bowflex is right for me?” Please find below my comparison of the Bowflex Revolution FT and XP to help you with your decision. Bowflex Features and Benefits: Revolution FT and XP are part of their flagship line. Engineered […]

Interesting facts about sheets

It is interesting to learn the bottom of the sheets. They were made of a flat fabric that covered the mattress. It was usually a rectangular roll cloth with no center seam. Today, they have hems at the top and bottom of the sheet. The finished edges of the loomed sheet are used as side seams so it is not […]

swingers and body image

What may surprise you is that swingers report a better body image from the experience. By showing themselves to someone other than their partner, their image of themselves changes drastically. But why is this? all shapes and sizes If you go to a lot of clubs or swingers, you’ll probably realize that no one is perfect. In fact, you will […]

Companies limited by shares in Cyprus

In this article I will inform you about the modification of Law 144 (I)/2015, which introduced the company limited by shares. The new legislation came into force in 2015. As a result of this particular legislation, Cyprus is now in line with other EU member states, including the UK, Poland and Luxembourg. Furthermore, the introduction of companies limited by shares […]