Samsung Chat 322: connect to the world of chat

Samsung is a leader in the world of electronics. It is seen that the best of innovations is made from this same brand. But the main advances were observed in the field of mobile telecommunications. With the best of the phones released in the previous year, Samsung has a perfectly suited phone for every customer’s needs. For all those chat […]

How 5 Great NCAA Football Teams Got Their Mesmerizing Names

What’s in the name of a soccer team? Throughout the NCAA football season, we constantly hear the names of various teams as we watch games, learn scores, and manage our college fantasy football teams. However, we rarely think about the origin of the names of various schools. Here are some fascinating stories about the names of some of the NCAA […]

The hug: the universal symbol of the law of attraction

This morning I was standing in my front yard feeling a bit vulnerable and lost due to the events that occurred during my week. And then all of a sudden, from the next door, a beautiful girl with wild red hair rushed across the lawn, her little bare feet flying, ran up to me and hugged me and gave me […]

Is the Earth really only 6,000 years old?

This is a question that invariably comes up when Christians are faced with people who are more inclined toward scientific views and evidence. So this is an article that will try to shed light on the basis of Scripture and scientific evidence. Before I lose you, keep in mind that God put the laws of physics in motion, just as […]

How to save space in your home

Space within many homes is at a premium, no matter how we decorate and handle furniture. But there are several accessories that can be used to help us take advantage of the space that we have available. To help you, we’ve outlined some of the products that we recommend that you consider purchasing for multiple rooms in your home. Laundry: […]

How to rank high on YouTube

YouTube traffic made easy Did you know that YouTube is ranked # 3 on the Internet as one of the most popular sites in the world according to I’m sure you knew. Check out these stats: o Total number of YouTube videos = more than 120,000,000 o Number of videos uploaded per day = approximately 200,000 o Time required […]

Islamic gifts for father’s day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, the vast majority of children hope to celebrate this day with the only person in the world they consider their hero; his father. This day holds a special place in the hearts of all children, as they have the opportunity to show their love and respect for their parents with gestures such as […]

Why Online Multiplayer Was Added To Dead Space 2

Dead Space and online multiplayer are a strange combination, and it has left many of the fans of the franchise mystified. Dead Space was an atmosphere based game and slow paced game with rather clunky controls that are not suitable for fast paced multiplayer gameplay. Dead Space 2 appears to be the same, but it will feature that multiplayer game […]